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Antón Eguigurren

“What has become of the visual arts? What are the artists options?”

Given this legitimate question, Anton Eguiguren resolved to continue the endless search for those who preceded him, continue to offer their particular proposal: paint with colors, tell us his serene view of the world.
He decides to remain in that group that continues to consider painting as an art in itself, not resist from a conservative stance but rather, continue the tradition of those glorious artists who have left us their successive interpretations of art at all times. While many others chose to live experiencing, without deciding if their work was the result of random electrical transmissions or their trials in the study, their choice without questioning the work of others or disown it, is to stay on the web, once again solve the challenge of its two dimensions to show again homage to nature. When the painter offers his work with complete honesty, without intention, without affectation, we do not know whether he is aware that, almost always, their skill and commitment, respect for the simplicity of colors and shapes, will result in whom he sees it a rare, necessary and genuine joy.

Anton is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Zumaia (Gipuzkoa) and works mainly with acrylics, tends to large but manageable painting, full of color and intent format.

Anton Eguiguren opens his next exhibition in La Nacional New York next April 11 at 7 p.m. Do not hesitate to come and visit it while sharing with us a glass of wine

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